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Customized Cast Iron Brazed Diamond Cutting Discs

Sefu company can customize cast iron brazed diamond cutting discs. Cast iron brazed diamond cutting blade is a kind of cutting tool, mainly used for processing gray iron, ductile iron and cemented carbide.


Processing Objects of Diamond Cutting Discs:

Diamond cutting discs are mainly used for gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, and cemented carbide.

Customized Cast Iron Brazed Diamond Cutting Discs


Advantage Function of Diamond Cutting Discs:

The cutting is super sharp, the cutting edge is straight, and there is no burr;
Less dust, more environmentally friendly;
High manganese steel ultra-thick substrate, safe and secure;
Sharp cutting is effortless, labor-saving, efficient and time-saving;
High-grade diamond particle step material, excellent wear resistance and sharpness;
One piece can hold 60 pieces of resin sheet, long life

Product Parameter:

Item Number Diameter Size
Blade Thickness
Base Thickness
Saw Blade Teeth
JG105C45145 105 2.4 1.4 8
JG115C45145 115 2.4 1.4 8
JG125C45145 125 2.4 1.4 10
JG150C45165 150 2.6 1.6 12
JG180C45185 180 2.8 1.8 14
JG230C45185 230 2.8 1.8 16
JG300A45245 300 3.2 2.4 20
JG350A45265 350 3.4 2.6 24
JG400A45275 400 3.6 2.8 28

Our Service:

First of all, our factory adheres to the principle of quality first. We have a group of professional technical and inspection personnel to focus on product quality control and Technological innovation. For each product, we have strict process inspection and factory inspection. We have a well export experience, to provide customers with professional pre-sales and after-sales service and technical support. The sales process will be active tracking queries, positively solve the problems in the follow-up use of customers.