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Customized Brazed Diamond Grinding Head Tools

Sefu’s brazed diamond grinding head tools have various shapes such as flat, curved, pointed, etc., which can grind the inner wall of the cast iron or the part with burrs in the hole according to different working conditions.


Features of Brazed Diamond Grinding Head:

1. High grinding performance: The abrasive and the matrix have high bonding strength. Brazed diamond grinding head is a new type of superhard grinding head made by brazing diamond on the surface of a special matrix.
2. Long service life: The abrasive has the characteristics of high toughness, high impact strength, high wear resistance, sharp cutting edge, and high production efficiency, which can effectively extend the service life of the product.
3. Safety and environmental protection: The diamond grinding head has the advantages of high safety, low dust, no exhaust gas, high temperature resistance, etc., adopts an integral steel matrix, and will not break during high-speed operation, which is harmful to the personal safety and occupational health of the operators. Guaranteed.

Grinding Head Model:

Structure Outer Diameter
Head Height
Total Length
Flat 18 25 6 56 30/40/50
20 18 6 40
22 30 10 56
Arc 15 32 12 60
16 32 6 60
18 32 6/8 60
20 32 6/10 60
25 32 6/10 60
Pointed 15 35 6 65
15 35 6 80
25 35 6/10 65

Application Areas of Brazed Diamond Grinding Head:

It is widely used in surface grinding of various abrasive tools such as iron castings.

brazed diamond grinding burrs


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