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Customizable Diamond Saw Blades for Cutting Iron Castings

Sefu company mainly provides brazed diamond tools for cast iron.

The brazing technology is used to optimize the distribution of abrasive particles, which fundamentally solves the problem of insufficient retention and uneven distribution of abrasives. The series of brazed diamond tools developed by us have advantages over sintered or electroplated diamond tools.


Application of Diamond Saw Blades:

• Diamond saw blades can cut cast iron products and metal profiles, as well as metal surface grinding. Such as ship processing

• Cutting rigid composite materials. For example, emergency rescue, car dismantling

• Cutting hard plastics and glass fiber reinforced plastics

Application characteristics of brazing technology:

  1. The brazing heating temperature is low, the joints are smooth and flat, the structure and mechanical properties are small, the deformation is small, and the workpiece size is accurate.
  2. It can weld the same kind of metal or dissimilar materials, and there is no strict limitation on the thickness difference of the workpiece.
  3. Some brazing methods can weld multiple weldments and multiple joints at the same time, and the productivity is very high.
  4. The brazing equipment is simple and the production investment cost is low.

diamond cutting blades

Use Cases of Diamond Saw Blades:

Cutting the pouring riser of automobile castings
Saw blade model CD-400
Saw blade specifications 400*2.4*32
Workpiece material QT500-7
Workpiece hardness HB170~230
Cutting machine parameters Power 5.5KW
Speed 3620rpm
Feed 3.5mm/s
Surface quality after processing Ra12.5


1. Fast cutting with knife feeds more smoothly, sharp cutting and high efficiency;
2. Continuous cutting for a long time without changing the film, everything is always sharp in the end;
3. Good abrasion resistance, wear-resistance, and long service life;
4. The saw blade will not drop the head after cutting for a long time, is not easy to deform, and is safe to use;
5. The corrugated teeth have fast heat dissipation, fast chip removal and easy hand feeling.