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Customizable Diamond Grinding Wheels for Ductile Iron Casting

Diamond grinding wheel, instead of traditional grinding wheel, has high speed, no abrasion dust, improves grinding efficiency and meets environmental protection requirements, diamond grinding wheel has no risk of chip bursting, which greatly improves the stability of production operations. It is a new type of environmentally friendly grinding tool.

Sefu company can customize diamond grinding wheels according to customer needs.


Sefu brazed diamond grinding wheels use super-hard abrasive grains such as diamond, which is a new environmentally friendly product made through high-temperature welding and other processes.

Features of Diamond Grinding Wheels:

1. Abrasive particles are not easy to fall off, no dust; sharp and wear-resistant;
2. The steel base is not easy to break and is safe;
4. It has a good effect for removing rust, burr, and rough machining of rough ground iron;
3. A wide range of applications, can be used for: grinding gray cast iron, ductile iron, angle iron, etc.


Item Model Outer diameter
Inner diameter
Side width
L150 150 32 10-50 10-50
L250 250 20-50
L300 300 32-127
L350 350
L400 400

According to the different size of the workpiece, you can choose the grinding wheel that suits you.

diamond grinding wheels


• Before installing the machine, the grinding wheel must be idling for 2-3 minutes to make sure it is safe to start using it.
• After the grinding wheel has been used for a certain period of time, we must pay attention to it. If there are no diamond particles on it, it can no longer be used, because it will easily damage the surface quality of the workpiece.