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Customizable Brazing Abrasives Diamond Tools Grinding Wheel

Diamond grinding wheel is a kind of diamond tool, which is mainly suitable for the surface grinding processing of various refractory materials. The product adopts specially designed tapered mounting hole structure, which is easy to install and unload. It has good processing flatness, high grinding efficiency, It has the advantages of high life and can be applied to all grinding equipment.


Our company mainly provides brazed diamond grinding wheels. The brazed diamond grinding wheel also called an alloy grinding wheel, is around the consolidated abrasive tool with a through-hole in the center made of diamond abrasive as raw material and active fused alloy as a bonding agent.

Advantage of Diamond Grinding Wheel:

The diamond grinding wheel is a super-hard abrasive wheel. Compared with an ordinary abrasive grinding wheel, it has the following advantages:
1. The hardness of the diamond abrasive determines the main characteristics of the diamond abrasive wheel. The abrasive tools can efficiently grind hard alloys, glass, ceramics, and other difficult-to-machine materials, and the grinding tools have the longest service life.
2. Diamond is a tool with high wear resistance that can meet both high efficiency and precision machining.
3. The sharpened diamond grinding wheel can maintain the long-term micro-edge of the abrasive grains, and its good cutting performance ensures a small grinding force during the grinding process, thereby reducing the grinding power and saving energy.
4. The thermal conductivity of diamond is very good, which is conducive to the evacuation of heat, avoids the phenomenon of burns, cracks, and lumps of the workpiece, and greatly improves the quality of the surface processing of the workpiece.

diamond grinding wheels


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