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Custom Brazed Diamond Grinding Wheel for Cast Iron

With the continuous development of grinding processes in the direction of high-quality, high-precision, high-efficiency, and automation, the diamond grinding wheels have become an ideal tool for grinding hard alloys materials.


The brazing technology can realize the chemical metallurgical bonding of diamond, brazing alloy material bond, and metal matrix interface. Due to the high bonding strength of the brazing technology, only a thin bond is enough to hold the abrasive grains firmly, and the exposed height can reach 70% to 80%, which greatly improves the service life and processing efficiency of the diamond grinding wheel for cast iron.

Features of Grinding Wheel for Cast Iron:

The brazed diamond grinding wheels maintain high strength, long life, and low wear. The diamond tools can give full play to the abrasion resistance and strong cutting ability in hard and brittle materials.


Item Model Outer diameter
Inner diameter
Side width
L150 150 32 10-50 10-50
L250 250 20-50
L300 300 32-127
L350 350
L400 400

Application of Grinding Wheel for Cast Iron:

Diamond grinding wheels are used in many fields such as aerospace, mold manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, optical processing and manufacturing. In addition, ceramic materials, optical materials, aero-engine turbine blades, silicon wafer products, etc. are mostly ground with diamond grinding wheels.

diamond grinding wheel for cast iron


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