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Custom Brazed Diamond Grinding Burrs For Cast Iron

The brazed diamond grinding head adopts a high-strength steel turning matrix, the product is high in sharpness, durability, and the product is safe and continuous. It is mainly used to process the corners and hole burrs of castings. The diamond grinding head provided by Sefu company can be customized according to the needs of customers.


With the increasing maturity and stability of brazing technology, diamond brazing tools are used more and more in casting production. Brazed diamond grinding burrs are used as indispensable tools in the grinding, deburring, and leveling of corners and inner holes. Its sharpness and service life directly affect the production efficiency of the enterprise.

In addition to the installation and application of diamond grinding heads on traditional manual grinding machines, it can also be used for grinding and polishing on automated equipment. Therefore, major foundries also pay more attention to the selection of diamond grinding head products. This includes the safety of its use.

brazed diamond grinding burrs

In order to reduce costs, individual diamond grinding burrs manufacturers use relatively low-grade diamond solder to make diamond brazing grinding heads. These grinding heads are prone to the following problems:

1. It is easy to break the handle. Once the high-speed rotating grinding head is shot, it may cause a safety accident.

2. It is not wear-resistant and has a short service life.

These problems have to arouse the attention of the brazing industry. Taking this as a lesson, SAFE selects the substrate and solder carefully and uses high-quality steel substrate and diamond solder for processing, which is favored by many users.

Parameter of Brazed Diamond Grinding Burrs:

Structure Outer Diameter
Head Height
Total Length
Flat 18 25 6 56 30/40/50
20 18 6 40
22 30 10 56
Arc 15 32 12 60
16 32 6 60
18 32 6/8 60
20 32 6/10 60
25 32 6/10 60
Pointed 15 35 6 65
15 35 6 80
25 35 6/10 65

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