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Custom Brazed Diamond Cutting Grinding Blade

Our diamond tools are widely used for cutting, grinding and drilling of metal pipes, cast iron and refractory materials. The cutting speed and efficiency of brazed diamond cutting and grinding blades are significantly higher than that of traditional saw blades, and they have a longer service life. All the diamond tools of Sefu company can be customized.


Types of Sefu Brazed Diamond Tools:

• Brazed Diamond Cutting Grinding Blade

• Brazed Diamond  Saw Blades

• Brazed Diamond Grinding Disc

• Brazed Diamond Grinding Wheel

custom brazed diamond cutting grinding blade

Comparison with traditional resin bonding tools:

1. High efficiency: the efficiency can be increased by 20%
2. Long service life: The service life of superhard tools is more than 30 times that of resin bonded tools
3. Low cost and environmental protection: safe, efficient, energy-saving, and pollution-free
4. The diamond grains are highly exposed and the cutting is sharp.

Product Parameter of Diamond Cutting Grinding Blade:

Product number Diameter Size
Assembly Aperture
Base Thickness
Fabric width
Q100C452010 100 16 2.0 10
Q125C452010 125 22.23 2.0 10
Q150C452515 150 22.23 2.5 15
Q180C452515 180 22.23 2.5 15

Our Service of Diamond Cutting Grinding Blade:

First of all, our factory adheres to the principle of quality first. We have a group of professional technical and inspection personnel to focus on product quality control and Technological innovation. For each product, we have strict process inspection and factory inspection. We have a well export experience, to provide customers with professional pre-sales and after-sales service and technical support. The sales process will be active tracking queries, positively solve the problems in the follow-up use of customers.