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Custom Brazed Diamond Cutting Blades For Iron Castings

The brazing saw blade directly brazes the emery to the metal surface so that the emery is in direct contact with the cutting object to achieve sharp special effects. There is no tooth loss during the use of brazed diamond slices, which is safe and environmentally friendly, allowing you to truly feel the sense of grinding that diamond brings to you.


Parameter of Diamond Cutting Blades:

Following are the parameters of brazed diamond cutting blades for iron casting. In addition to the following specifications, we can also customize non-standard sizes according to customer requirements.

Item Number Diameter Size
Blades Thickness
Base Thickness
Saw Blade Teeth
JG105C45145 105 2.4 1.4 8
JG115C45145 115 2.4 1.4 8
JG125C45145 125 2.4 1.4 10
JG150C45165 150 2.6 1.6 12
JG180C45185 180 2.8 1.8 14
JG230C45185 230 2.8 1.8 16
JG300A45245 300 3.2 2.4 20
JG350A45265 350 3.4 2.6 24
JG400A45275 400 3.6 2.8 28


1. Fast cutting with knife feeds more smoothly, sharp cutting and high efficiency;
2. Continuous cutting for a long time without changing the film, everything is always sharp in the end;
3. Good abrasion resistance, wear-resistance, and long service life;
4. The saw blade will not drop the head after cutting for a long time, is not easy to deform, and is safe to use;
5. The corrugated teeth have fast heat dissipation, fast chip removal and easy hand feeling.

diamond cutting blades

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