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Extruded Honeycomb Ceramic Filter Filtration Of Molten Metal

The extruded Honeycomb ceramic filter is a fine strainer with a straight hole structure. Ceramic honeycomb filter is mainly used for filtration of molten metal in metallurgy and foundry industry, to purify metal liquid and reduce non-metal impurity and gas, make the metal liquid remain calm, and reduce the swirl. We can produce different sizes and shapes of extruded ceramic filters.


Product Features:

1. The honeycomb ceramic filter can purify metal liquid; get rid of non-metal impurity and gas.
2. Make the metal liquid flow at a stable speed and reduce the swirl.
3. Simplify the gating system and improve the production rate.
4. Reduce the bubbles in casting and optimize the metal structure.
5. Improve surface quality and mechanical performance of casting.
6. Reduce the rejection rate of casting, prolong the casting working life and reduce casting cost.

Parameters of Honeycomb Ceramic Filter:

Item Extruded Ceramic Honeycomb Filter
Technology: Extruded.
Material: Cordierite, mullite, corundum mullite, zircon mullite, zirconia-corundum, high aluminum, silicon carbide and etc.
Hole Size: 100/200/300 CSI
Available range of thickness: 12 mm to 22mm or as per the client’s requirements.
Available range of size  25 mm to 200 mm.
Appearance shape: Round, square, and rectangle

Application of Honeycomb Ceramic Filter:

Extruded ceramic honeycomb filter is able to get rid of the metal impurity, refractory scrap, solid refractory alloy, sinter, and molten metal liquid when casting products, reduce the air vent of castings, raise the casting quality, and reduce the cost. It has a small resistance, high strength, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, and excellent filtering adsorption performance.

honeycomb ceramic filters application


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