Ceramic Pouring Cup

The ceramic pouring cup of our company is made of high refractory alumina silicate as the main raw material, and is produced by high temperature after molding. The products are applied in the manufacture of aerospace and automobile precision castings. The pouring cup for casting can be used alone or in conjunction with ceramic foam filter.


The ceramic pouring cup is pressed by refractory materials and fired at high temperature to prevent oxidation slag inclusion caused by metal pouring and reduce the scrap rate. It is used in precision casting and sand casting.

Product Advantages of ceramic pouring cups:

1. The surface is smooth without impurities and slag corrosion resistance;
2. High strength and erosion resistance;
3. Heat shock resistance, excellent temperature change resistance;
4. The appearance and size of the product are accurate.

The inner wall of our investment casting pouring cup product is smooth, which can be combined arbitrarily through elbow connection, and the liquid metal flows smoothly through the pouring pipe, reducing heat loss and secondary oxidation inclusions, and improving the surface and internal quality of the casting.
The ceramic pouring cups are simple and convenient through the combination of two-way straight pipe and two-way elbow, tee and cross. The ultra light and super strong design is powerful. It can be cut off and adjusted at any time according to the requirements on the site. Investment casting ceramic pouring cup has a wide range of specifications, which can be customized according to customer requirements.

Specifications of Investment Casting Pouring Cups:

Product specifications A mm(inch) B mm(inch) C mm(inch)
0101 77(3.03) 45(1.77) 40(1.57)
0102 90(3.54) 60(2.36) 50(1.97)
0201 130(5.11) 54(2.12) 97(3.82)
0202 200(7.87) 92(3.62) 205(8.07)
0203 200(7.87) 60(2.36) 180(7.08)
0204 170(6.69) 92(3.62) 140(5.51)
0301 145(5.70) 52(2.04) 106(4.17)
0302 145(5.70) 52(2.04) 106(4.17)
0501 212.8(8.37) 101.6(4) 133.3(5.26)
0502 138.4(5.45) 76.2(3) 107.9(4.24)
0601 121(4.76) 70(2.76) 62(2.44)
0701 124(4.88) 53(2.08) 84(3.30)
0801 182(7.16) 59.5(2.34) 130(5.11)
0901 124(4.88) 61.5(2.42) 88.5(3.48)
1101 265(10.43) 58(2.28) 250(9.84)

Note: The investment casting ceramic pouring cups specifications can be made according to customer requirements.

ceramic pouring cup

Packaging and Storage of Ceramic Pouring Cups:

Packing: Carton + pallet
Storage: store in a dry and cool place to avoid impact.