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Ceramic Plate For Grill

Infrared Ceramic Plate For Grill is suitable for commercial and garden-style outdoor barbecues in the catering industry. The far-infrared radiation material can effectively convert other energy and be absorbed by the molecular vibration of the heated substance, so as to achieve the purpose of heating and drying.



SEFU Ceramic Plate For Grill is a grid-shaped porous ceramic infrared burner plate made of special materials. It has the advantages of energy saving, low pollution, economical and practical, simple installation, high air permeability and strong heat radiation. It is mainly used in infrared burners.

The uniform grid shape of SEFU Ceramic Plate For Grill effectively promotes the function of heat storage and combustion, and achieves the effect of infrared combustion heating. It realizes flameless combustion, the calorific value generated can reach as high as 1100°C, and the food is heated evenly and quickly.

Advantages of SEFU Ceramic Plate For Grill:

Other Applications of Ceramic Plates:

Infrared ceramic plates can be used in textiles, printing and dyeing, electromechanical, printing, glass annealing, food processing, medical care, civil cooking utensils, heating equipment, etc.

ceramic burner plate applications

How SEFU Ceramic Plates For Grill works:

Infrared heat is a form of radiation very similar to light. High-efficiency infrared rays are generated by heating the surface of chemical ceramics by burning gas. The gas-fired infrared ceramic plate installed on the grill allows infrared radiation to generate heat energy, saving 20% to 60% of energy compared with existing heating methods.

SEFU Ceramic Plate Specifications:

Other specifications can be produced according to your needs.

Square Round
123*48 φ56
131*73 φ129
132*92 φ150
134*76 φ150/30
135*100 φ158/31
135*160 φ160
135*48 φ160/31
135*49 φ160/67
136*115 φ161
136*60 φ169
136*92 φ170
147*60 φ178
147*75 φ180
158*60 φ186
162*60 φ194
180*60 φ200
183*60 φ240