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Ceramic Honeycomb Substrate

Honeycomb ceramic substrate is a component of environmental protection device in automobile exhaust system. Its main function is catalytic conversion substrate and particle filter for automobile exhaust emission control. As the substrate of automobile exhaust emission purification, honeycomb ceramics play a very important role in environmental protection and the healthy development of automobile industry.


The honeycomb ceramics used in the automobile exhaust system to coat catalyst or capture particles are called ceramic honeycomb substrate, which is mainly divided into the straight-through carrier and wall-flow carrier.

Straight through a carrier: SCR carrier, Doc carrier, ASC carrier, and TWC carrier;

Wall flow carrier: DPF carrier, GPF carrier


Our Company can provide honeycomb ceramic substrates with coated and uncoated. The shape of honeycomb substrate can be round, oval, or racetrack.

After the catalyst is coated, the honeycomb ceramic substrate is applied to the catalytic converter to convert harmful emissions into water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc.


Product Features of Ceramic Honeycomb Substrate:

.  Thin hole wall, large specific surface area, low resistance, low bulk density and high temperature resistance

Compressive strength;

.  Small coefficient of thermal expansion;

.  Excellent thermal shock resistance;

.  Good compatibility with various catalyst active groups;

.  Good cold start performance, low ignition temperature, fast heating speed, and low gas resistance

High conversion efficiency;

.  It can be designed into cylindrical, track, and other special-shaped structures according to different motor vehicle requirements;

.  This product meets all kinds of motor vehicles and their supporting requirements.

Product Performance:

Chemical Properties Chemical components AL2O3 SIO2 MgO CaO K2O+Na2O Fe2O3 TiO2
Standard 35.1+-1.6% 50+-1.8% 13.5+-0.5% <0.5% <0.3% <1.0% <1.0%
Crystallization amount Cordierite Mullite Corundum Pore capacity
Standard >93% <2.4% <1.2% Total 0.12-0.3cm3/g
Physical Characteristics Project Water absorption Thermal expansion coefficient Compressive strength Isostatic strength Thermal shock resistance Softening temperature
Standard 25+-4% <1.0×10-6/℃ >10MPa >2MPa >0.11MPa >1.1MPa >650℃ >1360℃


Carton, wooden pallet

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