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Ceramic Cup for Investment Casting

The ceramic pouring cup is made of high-grade mullite refractory material and has been proven in various investment casting applications.



The ceramic pouring cup provided by our company can provide the best quality for investment casting. Every ceramic cup for investment casting product produced undergoes 100% visual inspection at all points in the entire manufacturing process. Parts will be rejected for the slightest defect to ensure that the foundry’s performance is flawless.

ceramic cup for investment casting

Technical Parameter of Ceramic Cup for Investment Casting:

Product Name Ceramic Pouring Cups
Material High Alumina Silicate
Operating Temperature (℃) 1650
Flexural Strength at Room Temperature (MPa) > 10
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 8~9×10-6
Application Range High-Temperature Alloy, Stainless Steel


Product Name Main crystalline phase Basic chemical composition Impact resistance Product finish
Our Production Mullite SiO2<52%


>1(time) Smooth surface, no cracks

Feature of Ceramic Cup for Investment Casting:

High thermal shock resistance; surface treatment; structural stability during the pouring; by avoiding gate material inclusions in metal or alloy castings, all functions help to increase the yield of castings.


Product specifications A mm(inch) B mm(inch) C mm(inch)
0101 77(3.03) 45(1.77) 40(1.57)
0102 90(3.54) 60(2.36) 50(1.97)
0201 130(5.11) 54(2.12) 97(3.82)
0202 200(7.87) 92(3.62) 205(8.07)
0203 200(7.87) 60(2.36) 180(7.08)
0204 170(6.69) 92(3.62) 140(5.51)
0301 145(5.70) 52(2.04) 106(4.17)
0302 145(5.70) 52(2.04) 106(4.17)
0501 212.8(8.37) 101.6(4) 133.3(5.26)
0502 138.4(5.45) 76.2(3) 107.9(4.24)
0601 121(4.76) 70(2.76) 62(2.44)
0701 124(4.88) 53(2.08) 84(3.30)
0801 182(7.16) 59.5(2.34) 130(5.11)
0901 124(4.88) 61.5(2.42) 88.5(3.48)
1101 265(10.43) 58(2.28) 250(9.84)

ceramic pouring cup structure


Q1: How can I get samples to check the quality?
A: Please tell us the details of your design. We will provide samples as your specifications, or you can send the samples to us, and we will make the corresponding samples for you.

Q2: What is the working temperature of the ceramic pouring cup?
A: Over 1650°C.

Q3: What is your delivery time? Can we receive our goods on time?
A: The exact delivery time depends on the quality and quantity of the order. Throughout the process, we will inform you which program the order applies to.