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Cast Iron Diamond Grinding Disc for Angle Grinder

The brazed diamond grinding disc is mainly used to polish the burrs, and uneven places of the pouring riser on the cast workpiece, and to trim the workpiece. There are two main types of diamond grinding discs, one is diamond flat grinding disc and the other is diamond arc grinding disc. Workers can choose a suitable type of grinding disc according to their own grinding habits and process requirements.


The brazed diamond grinding disc is a kind of diamond grinding tool.

Diamond grinding discs are completely different from ordinary resin grinding discs. Compared with resin grinding discs, diamond-coated grinding discs have obvious advantages.

diamond grinding disc

1. The base of the diamond grinding discs is a metal base, which is used on a high-speed rotating grinding machine. Diamond grinding discs are safer and less prone to the risk of collapse, thus ensuring the safety of workers in the workshop.

2. Diamond cup disc, the surface brazing is high-grade abrasive gold stone. According to the corresponding grinding requirements, different grain sizes are brazed to meet the process requirements of different workpieces. Diamond is the hardest material in the world, its abrasion resistance is dozens of times that of ordinary resin grinding disc. The diamond grinding discs can save the cost of the grinding disc and the time of the worker. It does not need to be replaced multiple times, which improves work efficiency.

3. In terms of environmental protection, diamond abrasive discs are also the most suitable choice. During use, the diamond abrasive disc will not produce too much powder or dust, which is not only environmentally friendly but also has a certain protective effect on the health of workers.

Parameter of Diamond Grinding Disc:

Diameter Size
Assembly Aperture
Base Thickness
100 16 3.0
125 22.23 3.0
150 22.23 3.0
180 22.23 3.0