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Application of Foam Ceramics in Filtration Technology

Foam ceramics are widely used today, but initially, they were only used as uranium purification materials and bacterial filter materials. With the continuous expansion of the use of foamed ceramics, its application fields are also gradually expanding. From the fields of filtration and thermal engineering, it has gradually expanded to the fields of heat insulation, sound absorption, electronics, optoelectronics, sensing, environmental biology, and chemistry.

In this article, let’s take a look at the application of foam ceramics in filtration technology.

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Application of Foam Ceramics in Filtration Technology

As a filter, foam ceramics can be used for water purification, air purification, and so on. And the application in various chemical filtration, especially melt, medical filtration, etc., is more prominent because of its resistance to various corrosion.

For example, in the process of melting and forming castings of aluminum alloys, it is easy to absorb gas and mix non-metallic impurities, thereby reducing the performance and processing performance of castings.

The foamed ceramic filter successfully developed at present provides a new type of high-efficiency filter for the production of aluminum alloys. It is different from the usual single-layer drilling sieve plate and glass fiber mesh, but has a multi-layer network and curved through holes, which can fully filter out the fine non-metallic inclusions in the aluminum alloy melt, thereby improving the quality of the casting.

The foamed ceramic filter is used for filtration of aluminum alloy melt, usually cordierite, with a mesh size of 0.8 to 1.0 mm. In addition, foamed ceramics are also used in the process of casting and filtering copper alloys and steel. Due to the high density and high melting point of steel alloys, the high-temperature strength, softening temperature, and thermal shock resistance of foamed ceramics are required to be higher than those of filtered aluminum and copper. Usually, alumina and silicon carbide foam ceramic filters are used, and the mesh size of the filter is generally 2~3 mm.

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