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Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Foam Filter for Cast Aluminum

Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Foam Filter Application

Alumina ceramic foam filter is mainly used in the purification process in the production of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Alumina filter can effectively remove all kinds of inclusions in the aluminum liquid with the fineness reaching the micron level, so that the aluminum liquid becomes a stable laminar flow, which is beneficial to the punching.

Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Foam Filter

It has excellent resistance to aluminum water scouring, and the strictly controlled hole size and porosity can obtain stable filtration effects.

It improves casting quality, reduces casting scrap rate, prolongs service life, and reduces casting costs.

Large-sized alumina ceramic foam filters are widely used in aluminum casting workshops such as aluminum alloy casting rods, flat ingots, aluminum foils, aluminum cans, and high-end aluminum profiles. The 98.3% removal rate of impurity particles from 15 to 20 microns helps to obtain the perfect aluminum product.

SEFU Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Performance Index:

SEFU can produce a variety of specifications according to your requirements. The mesh size is 10ppi to 90ppi. The size can be up to 26 inches.

Application Range: aluminum castings and aluminum smelting filtration.

Pore ​​Density: 10-60 PPI

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters General Specifications: 7x7x2″, 9x9x2″, 12x12x2″, 15x15x2″, 17x17x2″, 20x20x2″, 23x23x2″.

About Us

Cangzhou Sefu Ceramics New Material Co., Ltd., located in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China, is a large-scale manufacturer specializing in the production of filters for casting. Our products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and are widely used in various casting processes and the production of various metal castings.

SEFU main products are ceramic series filters for casting, high silica fiber series filters for casting. There are cast steel filters, cast iron filters, cast aluminum filters, cast copper filters, and so on.

The casting filter produced by our factory can quickly filter out harmful inclusions in the metal solution, remove defects such as air holes, slag holes, and sand holes in the castings, reduce the defective rate by more than 90%, and improve the inherent quality of castings and appearance quality, reduce energy and labor consumption, and significantly increase the economic and social benefits of casting manufacturers.

Our company produces and sells more than 5 million pieces of casting foam ceramic casting filters annually. With high-quality products, good reputations, and high-quality services, our company has been exported to countries all over the world.