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Alumina Foam Ceramic Filters for Cast Aluminum

Alumina foam ceramic filters are mainly used in the purification process of aluminum and aluminum alloy production. They can effectively remove all kinds of inclusions with a fineness of microns in the aluminum liquid, so that the molten aluminum becomes a stable laminar flow. They are beneficial to the flushing. Alumina ceramic foam filter has excellent resistance to aluminum liquid erosion, and strictly controls the pore size to obtain stable filtering effects. It improves the casting quality, reduces the scrap rate of castings, prolongs the service life, and reduces the casting cost.

Large-sized alumina foam ceramic filter plates are widely used in aluminum melting and casting workshops to get the perfect aluminum product. Such as aluminum alloy casting rods, flat ingots, aluminum foils, aluminum cans, and high-end aluminum profiles.

ceramic filtersVarious specifications can be produced according to your requirements, the pore size is from 10ppi to 90ppi, and the maximum size can be up to 26 inches.

Application: aluminum castings and aluminum smelting filtration
Pore ​​Density: 10-90PPI

Performance of Alumina Foam Ceramic Filters:

Main Material Alumina
Operating Temperature (℃) ≤1200
Color White
Pore Density (PPI) 10-40(PPl=pore per inch)
Porosity(%) 80-90
Compressive Strength (MPa) >1.0
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0.4-0.5
Thermal Shock Resistance 6 times/800℃-room temperature

General Specifications(mm) :
7x7x2″, 9x9x2″, 12x12x2″, 15x15x2″, 17x17x2″, 20x20x2″, 23x23x2″, 26x26x2″

SEFU Products of different shapes, sizes, and hole densities can be customized according to your requirements.