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Alloy Wheel Wire Mesh Filter For Filtration Of Aluminum Alloy

Wire mesh filters can efficiently filter out harmful inclusions in molten metal, avoid slag holes, air holes, blisters, and other defects of castings, and improve the inherent quality and appearance quality of castings.


Alloy wheel wire mesh filters are made of Galvanized low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, and carbon steel wire. The special filter for cast aluminum wheels produced by our factory is of high quality, refined with advanced technology and equipment and high-quality materials. It is smoke-free and environmentally friendly, resistant to high-temperature aluminum scouring, does not change the nature of the metal solution, and is easily separated from the casting.

wire mesh filter


1. Alloy filter mesh has standard dimensions. high filtration and are convenient to operate

2. our filter mesh are wearable, high temperature-proof, good toughness, shake-proof and keep-distance, better rate of the filter

3. The layers of the filter mesh: one layer, two layers, three layers,

4. Alloy wire mesh filters have a long service life.

5. This kind of filter mesh can withstand harsh work conditions.

6. Meantime Our wire mesh filter can withstand high temperatures.

7. This kind of filter mesh has excellent service properties.

Applications of Alloy Wheel Wire Mesh Filter:

Generally usage: widely used in the automobile wheel, motorcycle wheel, aluminum, aluminum bar, aluminum ingot, aluminum plate, the casting and filtration of all kinds of aluminum alloy parts’ casting.

Shape: our wire mesh filter includes hat shape, cap shape, and square shape.
We can produce the goods according to the customer’s requirement.