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Aftertreatment Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) generally uses metal or ceramic as the substrate of the catalyst. When the diesel engine gas passes through the catalyst, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, etc. can quickly react with oxygen in the engine gas at a low temperature to produce pollution-free water and carbon dioxide.


Aftertreatment Diesel Oxidation Catalyst: the volatile substances in PM are removed by oxidation reaction through the catalyst on the substrate, mainly eliminating CO, HC, and a small number of carbon particles. And convert no in exhaust gas into NO2 to improve SCR conversion efficiency.

Diesel exhaust is harmful to the environment and human health. Pollutants emitted by diesel vehicles: CO, HC, NOx, and particulate matter (PM). The particulate matter of diesel vehicles is 30 ~ 60 times that of gasoline vehicles. At present, particulate matter has been proved to contain a variety of carcinogenic substances. It is mainly composed of three basic substances: dry carbon particles (soot), commonly known as soot; soluble organic matter (SOF), that is, heavy hydrocarbons adsorbed on the surface of carbon particles; sulfate.

Purification Principle of Aftertreatment Diesel Oxidation Catalyst:

DOC technology mainly purifies the engine gas through the following oxidation reactions:

Proper conversion of HC + O2 → CO2 + H2O
Proper conversion of CO + O2 → CO2
Soot + O2→CO2 30%~50%
SOF +O2→CO2+H2O >90%
SO2 + O2 → SO3 inhibition occurs

Diesel Oxidation Catalytic Converter

Catalyst service environment: low temperature (200-400 ℃), high space velocity (3 ℃) × 104-105)
Based on the above factors, only multifunctional and high-performance catalysts can complete the task of oxidation catalysts.

Common Size:

Following are the general parameters of DOC products. Our company can also customize non-standard products.



Section Shape Specification holes / square inch No. Section Shape Specification   holes / square inch
1 cylinder Ø143.8*76.2 400 10 cylinder Ø240*152.4 300
2 cylinder Ø143.8*101.6 400 11 cylinder Ø267*101.6 300
3 cylinder Ø143.8*152.4 400 12 cylinder Ø267*152.4 300
4 cylinder Ø170*101.6 300 13 cylinder Ø286*101.6 300
5 cylinder Ø190.5*101.6 300/400 14 cylinder Ø286*152.4 300
6 cylinder Ø190.5*52.4 300/400 15 cylinder Ø305*101.6 300
7 cylinder Ø228*101.6 300 16 cylinder Ø305*152.4 300
8 cylinder Ø228*152.4 300 17 cylinder Ø330*101.6 300
9 cylinder Ø240*101.6 300 18 cylinder Ø330*152.4 300