3 Way Catalytic Converter

The three-way catalytic converter is the most effective and commonly used vehicle purification device today. Through oxidation and reduction reactions, the three-way catalytic converter oxidizes carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and reduces nitrogen oxides.


Product Description:

3 way catalytic converter is the equipment used in vehicle emission control systems. It reduces harmful exhaust emissions by converting toxic pollutants generated by vehicle combustion into less toxic gases.

3 Way Catalytic Converter Working Principle:

• Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are reduced to nitrogen and oxygen.

NOx + CO → N2 + CO2

NOx + H2 → H2O + N2

• Carbon monoxide (CO) is oxidized to carbon dioxide.

CO + O2 → CO2

• Unburned hydrocarbons (HC) are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water.

H2 + O2 → H2O

HC + O2 → CO2 + H2O

Maintenance method of 3 Way Catalytic Converter:

  1.  Cars equipped with three-way catalytic converters cannot use leaded gasoline.
  2.  Avoid unburned mixed gas from entering the catalytic converter. There are several situations that should be excluded during the use of the vehicle:

• Idling for too long;

• The ignition time is too late;

• Individual cylinders fail to work due to fire;

• Difficulty in starting;

• The mixture is too thick;

• The engine burns oil;

• The oxygen sensor fails;

• The water temperature is too high due to poor heat dissipation.

  1.  When driving on uneven roads, you should pay special attention not to “support the bottom”.
  2.  In case of abnormal working conditions, such as flashbacks or repetitive stalls, stop and check-in time.
  3.  Do not turn off the ignition switch of a moving vehicle.
  4.  Do a good job of checking the three-way catalytic converter during vehicle maintenance.

Check Contents:

• Whether the exhaust pipe has abnormal noise;

• Whether the exhaust pipe is cracked or the outer casing is flattened or damaged;

• Whether the exhaust tailpipe has catalyst particles discharged.

If the shell of the three-way catalytic converter is damaged or the exhaust tailpipe emits particles, it needs to be replaced.

Packing & Shipping:

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