150ml Ceramic Fiber Sampling Spoon

150ML high-temperature molten metal sampling spoon is dedicated to collect metal liquid samples from furnaces or ladle for chemical analysis.


Ceramic fiber Sample spoon with Boron Nitride coating is applied to sampling in molten aluminum, to improve the non-wet property or temperature resistance.

Preheated the scoop for three minutes before getting the metal liquid. Please do not scrape the scooping surface if it is dirty with slag or scrap, immerse the scoop into the molten liquid for cleaning.


Ceramic fiber sampling spoon adopts vacuum suction forming technology and mold. Use amorphous ceramic fiber as the main material. The hot metal sampling spoon is specially used to take out the liquid metal from the furnace or the bag for laboratory analysis. It is resistant to extreme cold and extreme heat, does not crack, can be reused, and effectively protects the staff. The product features are as follows:
1. A variety of standards for selection
2. Suitable for the transportation and pouring of various metal liquids
3. The high-temperature resistance of the product can reach 1700℃
4. It has the characteristics of lightweight, good heat preservation effect, and low heat capacity
5. The temperature loss does not exceed 5℃, and it is easy to maintain and repair

Product Parameters:

Product name: High-temperature molten metal sampling spoon (can be customized according to requirements)
Material: Ceramic fiber
Specification: capacity 150ml, 125ml
Scope of application: Widely used for sampling of molten iron, molten steel, and other molten metal liquids
Working Temperature: 1000~1700 ℃

ceramic fiber sampling spoon

Ceramic Fiber Sampling Spoon Parameters:

Size Volume Min.Order(pcs)
ID46/OD78×79(60) 120ml 50
ID65/OD91×88(65) 158ml 40
ID66/OD114×92(82) 175ml 25
ID80/OD125×120(105) 340ml 20
ID150/OD210×170(140) 2L 2
ID210/OD270×180(150) 3.5L 2
ID240/OD300×190(160) 5L 2