125ml Ceramic Fiber Sampling Spoon

Ceramic fiber scoop is used in molten liquid sampling for stainless steel, cast steel, cast iron, copper, and aluminum. Working temperature 1200-1700℃.


125ML Ceramic fiber sampling spoon is made from an Aluminium Silicate material with high isolation properties. This is a completely inert material and does not cause any reaction with liquid metal used in different foundries.

Properties of Ceramic Fiber Sampling Spoon:

1. Multiple types for selection
2. Suitable for transportation and pouring of various metal liquids
3. The high-temperature resistance of the product can reach 1700℃
4. It has the characteristics of lightweight, good heat preservation effect, and low heat capacity
5. The temperature loss does not exceed 5℃, and it is easy to maintain and repair

Ceramic Fiber Sampling Spoon Parameters:

Model No: 150ml ,125ml
Certification: ISO9001:2000
Machining Tolerance: +/- 0.15mm
Coating: Zinc Oxide
Surface Roughness: Ra 12.5
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Casting Form Usage count: Semi-permanent
Casting Metal: Cast iron
Casting Form Material: Ceramics
Hs code: 69039000
Packing: carton and pallet


Preheated the scoop for three minutes before getting the metal liquid. Please do not scrape the scoop surface if it is dirty with slag or scrap, immerse the scoop into the molten liquid for cleaning. The product is through a vacuum suction filtering forming process. Working Temperature is from 1000~1700 ℃.

ceramic fiber sampling spoon